a r t,    t y p o g r a p h y,  a r c h i t e c t u r e

Maria Celina, our director, is an artist, architect, visual poet, contemporary dancer and performer who explores how language shapes and creates atmospheres, worlds and realities through the typographic effect of fonts made of geometric figures and abstractions.

Maria intertwines art, typography design, space, geometry, language, dance and architecture, when creating compositions with her letters.

She investigates letters as particles, atoms, symbols, glyphs, and/or as objects. Letters as events that embody potential movement or contain energy. Letters as mass, air, music and/or sound that are meant to be listened with the eyes and that could be related to kinetic art and cosmic energies, interweaving notions of energy, matter and language.

She explores how language, letters,  words and geometric figures interfere with our senses, perception and creation of reality, when explored in the form of images, animations, installations, text spatialization, and book design.

Maria questions whether the freedom of language could become infinite when, by combining language with the abstract, the letter acquires the characteristics of the point in painting: inner force and sound. Through these new possibilities and by creating multiple realities, the artist questions language as the material of the human intellect.


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