a r t,    t y p o g r a p h y,  a r c h i t e c t u r e

C H I L D R E N   &   E D U C A T I O N      

Alesso, 2023
Caracas, Venezuela 

Alesso is the first child to whom I dedicate a piece of my work, therefore Alesso is the first child of my project called ‘Imagi nación’.

Alesso made me think about what I want to say to children, my message for them. Alesso begins with an A, the alphabet begins with an A, Alesso is a Genesis project


Inspired by the artistic practice of the studio, we design series of workshops. 

We focus in getting to know each individual and we create personalized workshops that at the same time are part of a whole, a group, a community.

We aim to highlight individual virtues, individual energy,  our connection with the universe, the limitless of imagination, creativity as a toll to create life, and to balance our individual and collective roles within society. 

Our experience delivering workshops ranges from groups of children to adults with special needs. 

Names of workshops:
A composition of stars 
The Point

Words world worlds (creative writing)
Creating stories
  (creative writing)
w o r d s      w o r l d      w o r l d s